2010: A Year in Review

This is my first post since I finished the “30 posts in 30 days,” and after this post, I’m going to stop talking about blogging and just focus on blogging…if that makes any sense.

So, the big question is, what did I learn from my 30-day blogging experience?

A few things:

-It’s really, REALLY hard to blog that much. Going into it, I knew that we had a lot of weddings left to blog, so I wasn’t too worried about filling up space so to speak. I also had a couple ideas in mind for my personal blogs. I don’t remember ever feeling like I just had nothing to say, but I do remember often worrying about forgetting to blog. Looking back on it now, I’m not sure I would have begun the 30 days with an 11 day trip in the middle. I found myself wanting to just enjoy the trip and blog when we got home, rather than having to blog that same day. I have to admit, there were 2 days (I think?) where I didn’t blog until the next morning. This was mostly due to lack of internet access, followed by the laziness of not wanting to go out to a coffee shop. I admit to these mistakes, but at least I made up for them by blogging double time the next day, right?

-People do care. (at least a little!) I greatly appreciate the comments I received on the blog as well as all of the facebook comments. It really made me feel like people do care about what I am writing and the pictures I am posting. Statistically speaking, our blog hits went up for those 30 days exponentially. Even if you weren’t commenting, you were reading! This means a lot to me.

-I have gained some confidence in posting personal aspects of my life. Hands down, my favorite blogs were the ones about our dogs. I think the #1 best thing that came from this experience, is the set of photos I now have of each of our dogs. It is crazy but true that we, as professional photographers, do not have very many photos of our dogs. Chad and I took the time to capture each pup in his/her daily routine specifically for the blog. Little did we know that we were gaining some truly memorable photos. I really think that capturing more of our lives for the blog is going to give us some very emotionally valuable documentation. How ironic is it that we are “hiring” ourselves to document our own lives, just as we hope to be hired by couples and families to document theirs?

Alright, enough with the blogging talk. In the words of Jay-Z, “on to the next one, on to the next one…” Anybody? No? 🙂

2010 is just about over. This has been a very memorable year for me and for the business. Let’s see:

-Chad and I LOVE to travel. We went on some pretty cool trips this year:
-Barbados in March
-Charleston and Savannah in July
-New Orleans in November
-Seattle, Portland, and Florence in December
-Chad and I got married on March 23 in beautiful Barbados. My immediate family as well as his mom, step dad, and mom’s friend were there to share in what will always be a highlight of my life.
-We shot a LOT of weddings. This year was a record number of weddings for us, which is wonderful and stressful all at the same time. As we grow, I actually plan to reduce this number in order to focus more attention on each wedding. I might say this every year, but this year was my favorite group of new husbands and wives!
-Chad branched off to do beach portraits during the week. Chad had a lot of fun meeting a lot of awesome families this past summer, and we plan on continuing that in 2011.
-Earlier in the month, Chad and I were talking about when we met. When I realized it was in December, I just had to do the math. We met 9 years ago. That’s about a 1/3 of our lives. Here’s to a few more!

Christmas was cozy and loving. My mom and brother came over to our house, where we all chipped in to make a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. We watched Last Chance Harvey, and went to bed early so that Santa could come sooner. I made breakfast on Christmas morning before we opened presents. I think everyone got some really cool stuff, but as I get older, I appreciate the memories more than the stuff. Naps followed, and I think we all enjoyed a lazy Christmas holiday.

At the moment, we are finishing up the last of the 2010 weddings and scurrying to prepare for the Wedding Expo in about a week. We hope to see a bunch of our already booked brides and meet some new ones! For those of you wondering, our booth is located in the high school gym. When you walk into the double doors of the gym, it is against the left wall, about halfway down. Come say hi! We’re very excited about our booth design. We found an awesome rug, some antique windows, and other cool stuff that I can’t wait to set up.

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to chasing livestock through an endless open field on a 80+ degree day. My idea of heaven.

One comment on “2010: A Year in Review

  1. I can attest to how difficult it is to blog for 30 days straight. I did this back in 2009 and it was a challenge indeed. The great thing about it is that it usually helps you to increase your audience (more subscribers) and it can help with SEO or getting indexed into Google regularly, among a few other things. Speaking of which, I just found your blog because it popped up in my “google alerts”. 🙂

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