2011: In Review

WHAT A YEAR! 2011 has, hands down, been the best year ever for Genevieve Stewart Photography/Moving Art Productions. I might say this every year, but this year we had the best couples a photographer could ask for, and we want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm, love, and trust in us to capture your wedding day. It was an honor each and every time, and we hope that you find happiness in each other on your journeys through this crazy beautiful life!

2011 began with a wedding in California. An April wedding was moved up a day thanks to our sometimes not so lovely Outer Banks weather. Some braved the cold wind, others braved the humid hot hot heat. One wedding was moved onto the pier thanks to no beach! A few were rained on this fall. One almost didn’t happen thanks to Hurricane Irene. BUT..in the end, every bride married the man she loves with all of her heart, and every groom scored the girl of his dreams. This is what weddings are about…not having the perfect day with perfect details and perfect weather and perfect everything else. Weddings are about love. Really real, really true, really it hurts so good LOVE. I hope in all of this, we were able to capture that. If we did, then I consider our work a success. Here are my favorites…

2 comments on “2011: In Review

  1. Each year just gets better and more amaising y’all!!
    I can’t wait to see what this new year brings. Keep up the fantastic work, and the love flowing.

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