2012: In Review

2012 has been monumental in so many ways for Chad and me, both personally and professionally. We had a baby, brought on an awesome associate photographer, and pushed our business to new heights. We’ve had several weddings published and more to come soon. We shot our first styled shoot with a great up and coming designer. Our 2012 brides and grooms were amazing, and I had a blast going back through all of our weddings pulling some of my very favorite images of the year.

Yes, 2012 has been quite the ride. It has flown by like it always does. I am learning to take time to truly appreciate the moments. With a baby, I now feel a sense of urgency to feel every emotion (or is this just the hormones?!), to remember every moment, to let the little things go, to prioritize my life such that my time is spent thoughtfully and with purpose. I want everything I do to further me in my goal to be a well-rounded mother, wife, daughter, sister, and business owner. I want our clients to see us as the human beings that we are. I will be continuing to blog about our personal life in addition to making some positive changes to our business. For the first time ever, I will be limiting the number of weddings I shoot. I haven’t decide the number yet, but we are already getting close. I’m doing this for two reasons: to make sure that I have enough time with my daughter, and so that we can devote plenty of time to each of our clients in order to give them the best possible images and products. If you are thinking about booking us, do so quickly! Whitney has already begun booking for 2013 and will be continuing to do so, but she will also be available on a limited basis so that she may have time with her growing family (did I mention she’s about to have her third baby any day now?!).

To our 2012 clients: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us to capture what we know is one of the most important days of your lives. It was amazing witnessing and being a part of each of your lives, even for only a day. Also, congratulations to all of you who are about to welcome a baby into your new family! I keep up with most of our brides on facebook and am always so excited to see these announcements. I have to warn our future and potential clients though, because we have a VERY high pregnancy record. I haven’t technically done the math, but I’d say a good 50% of our brides are pregnant within a year. It must be our oh-so-romantic portraits that do the trick 😉

Enjoy our 2012 favorites, come see us at the expo, and here’s to 2013!!!

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