2016 Sanderling Wedding Showcase

We are officially home from our 3 week long vacation, and we’re ready to start the 2016 wedding season! We’re kicking it off by being a part of the Sanderling Resort’s Wedding Showcase on March 19th. If you’re in town and coming, please come say hi!

Sanderling review of Genevieve Stewart Photography:

“We don’t know how she does it but she does. Every. Single. Time. The sheer perfection of any given image in a gallery of Genevieve Stewart Photography will leave you wanting her talents capturing your own wedding. Her team consistently raises their own bar with every wedding, leaving us all happily basking in the wake of their photographic prowess. Their eye for lighting, locations and details are captured in a way you may have never even seen it but certainly how you want to remember it.

Genevieve and her team stealthily glide through your wedding, dressed in all black, stealing every moment for you to savor long after the honeymoon is over. Genevieve Stewart Photography will be at our wedding show, available for you to speak with and see more of their work- just in case you need any more convincing that they are a must-have for your own wedding.

You can learn more about the Outer Banks Wedding Showcase on Saturday, March 14th from 11- 4pm at Sanderling Resort and purchase tickets here.”



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