A Life Update

I’m not sure when the last personal blog post was, but I’m sure it was too long ago. Although I always know it’s coming, I never feel fully prepared for the workload that the wedding season brings. Life just seems to roll on by with few chances for coming up for air. We had a wonderful spring season with amazing clients and weddings. Thank you to all of you for being so awesome. Seriously. You make it all worthwhile.

We were once again able to take our summer “break” trip to Florida at the beginning of July. How we managed to get 7 days off in a row, I don’t know. It was a wonderful trip, and this is the only photo I have of it. A quick iPhone pic of Sheba in her favorite car spot…

After returning, we shot a handful of July weddings, and decided to hire two assistant to help out with the workload. They demanded a fancy chair and seem to work effortlessly.

For my birthday, Chad and I crossed off something from our “live music bucket list.” We met our friends Stevi and Martin in Raleigh to see Bon Iver. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody. We ate dinner at a place called Humble Pie and enjoyed a very hot, but wonderful outdoor concert in downtown Raleigh.

We have just enjoyed about a 3 week wedding hiatus, during which Chad has been shooting a LOT of beach portraits and a couple other side projects (which I will blog) while I have been catching up on the back end of all of our spring and summer weddings. Tomorrow, the craziness begins again, and will not end until mid November. We’ve actually never shot a November wedding, and this year we have 2. So here’s to round 2! May it be as lovely as the first.

This might be the one personal picture we have from the entire summer. Chad took this of Stevi and I in Stevi’s new shop in Raleigh. If you’re in the neighborhood, check out Whalebone Urban Surf!

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  1. Great shot of you and Stevi !! If I didn’t know better, I’d say you look enough alike to be sisters. Love the shot of you and Shebs, in sepia(sp) no less. Keep up the wonderful work.

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