A Very Short Engagement

What have we been doing during the off season? Oh I don’t know…organizing, filing, booking, updating. You know, the usual.

One more thing, we got engaged and married! This has been a long time coming and a short strand of recent events.

Rewind back to our end-of-season-celebration trip to Philadelphia. Chad and I being the music nuts that we are, went to back to back to back concerts to see some of our absolute favorites (Ray LaMontagne, The Swell Season, and Monsters of Folk).

Well, on the second night, the night we saw The Swell Season, we ate at The Melting Pot. I knew it was a special night because of the wonderful food and the music that was to come, but Chad was on the nervous side. The concert was amazing, possibly the best ever. By that time, I had an inkling, but didn’t say anything. Following the concert, we walked to a park where we had eaten lunch the day before. Chad lead me to the exact bench where we had sat, and said he had something for me. He handed me a fortune cookie slip that he said he had been keeping for a while. The fortune read, “Find a peaceful place to make plans for the future.” The next few lines are a blur, as I already had tears in my eyes. Everything made sense, and of course I said yes!

My family already knew, another surprise! Because we very rarely have pictures of either one of us, let alone together, I knew that we had to do some engagement photos. And who else to do them but one of our own? Fletcher has worked for me for over a year now whenever we need an extra hand. Big thanks to my brother Fletcher, and check out the SNOW on the Outer Banks!!

Wedding photos soon to come.

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