Barbados Travel Photos

We planned this trip to Barbados almost a year in advance, and I think it’s safe to say, that it was a dream vacation! Barbados is beautiful in every way. I didn’t bring my camera EVERYWHERE because I do believe in the pure joy of being in the moment and not always looking through a view finder, but I couldn’t resist getting some memorable shots of the REAL, stripped down Barbados.

Wedding photos are soon to follow.

These first few are photos from Oisten’s. This tiny little town is home to an amazing Friday & Saturday night fish fry, where probably 25 or so vendors have little stands and picnic tables. Each ‘restaurant’ offers basically the same thing: a few types of fresh fish, macaroni pie, salad, rice, veggies, etc. It is a must-eat if you ever visit.

We were on our way to Ragged Point to check out a possible wedding ceremony location, and some livestock had escaped! Two men frantically chased after them with little success!

Bathsheba, Barbados, aka Soup Bowl

There always seemed to be the cutest pups on earth just strolling up and down the beaches!

Northern Point, “Animal Flower Caves”

Chad and me in the flower cave!


On the ride home…

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  1. What a breathe taking photos. Great capture. Very nice photography skills and camera. Your pictures speaks for itself.

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