Beauty Amongst the Chaos

It was Monday…need I say more? I had just worked a long day at the studio. Hours of staring at my computer, sorting through hundreds of images, editing hundreds of images, emails, working on our website, I could go on. The life of a photographer is definitely full of creativity and gratification, but it is also full of that four letter word: WORK. Aren’t all the best things?

I made it home just in time for Chad to run out the door to his men’s tennis night. As much I as would have loved to plop on the couch and zone out to something mind numbing on TV, I have a toddler with no understanding of adult fatigue or the Real Housewives. Go figure 🙂 So, what to do? I remembered how I had longed for warmer days and sun throughout this miserably cold winter, and looked outside. What do you know…warm and sunny. I looked at Beyah and said, “Do you want to go for a bike ride?” She perked up and said, “Uh huh.” She had helped Chad and I put the toddler seat on my bike a couple weeks ago and knew exactly what I was asking her. So we took a bike ride to the sound, and I decided to take the “good camera.”

It was breezy, so we watched the kite-boarders scattered throughout the water. Beyah is obsessed with the sticks at the sound, so we collected sticks. My favorite photos of her are always the unstaged, frozen moments of real life. So that’s what I do. I put her in my latest Instagram clothing score (a mom has to have some fun!) and let her be her.

She was especially all over the place on this particular day, and I had all but given up on getting anything good. I felt myself on the verge of disappointment before realizing that this IS the moment. Even if it is not captured (the vast majority aren’t), these are the moments you live for with your child or anyone or thing you love. This is why we work so hard. It’s why we keep on keeping on. I have this beautiful girl in front of my eyes. How dare I even think about feeling disappointed. I put the camera down and we played. She ran from me giggling. She showed me all her amazing sticks. She hated the sand in her shoes. Then we went home.

This is the only “good” shot I got…a moment of intense concentration and beauty amongst the chaos of life. Love you B.

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