Blog Day 10: Meet Sheba!

Today is day 10 of the 30 day blog. 1/3 of the way through and already running out of things to post? Nah…The only hard thing about this is remembering to blog! Especially on days off. I hope I’m not boring anyone who is reading these. Just to jump start back into a personal blog, I thought I’d introduce the next leading lady in our lives…Sheba!

Her name is actually Bathsheba, named after the surf break in Barbados (aka “Soup Bowl”). She is 6 1/2 years old. I have to admit that Sheba may be my best friend in the whole world. Not that I don’t love our other dogs, because I of course do with all my heart, but Sheba and I have an undying connection. Sheba was the replacement dog for my brother’s dog Hercules after he died. Hercules and I also shared a similar connection. While I’m not really one to “believe” in things like spirits, ghosts, reincarnation, etc, I cannot help but get the feeling that Sheba IS Hercules. Sheba was born very shortly after Hercules died, and she carries many traits that Hercules bestowed. Hercules, who always slept with me, would lay against my body under the covers….Sheba does the exact same thing. I think if Gabby could talk, she’d say the same thing. Gabby and Hercules were best friends, and she and Sheba have become inseparable over the last 6+ years. Now that winter is rolling around, we broke out the “mini dog heater” and set the two up in a new mini dog bed. They spend approximately 75% of the day in this bed.

The watch-dog that she is, Sheba roams the yard barking orders at all the big dogs.

The rest of the time, she just spends it being cute (never barking at non-existent noises).

She LOVES to cuddle in the mornings and will sleep belly up as long as you are petting her.

Because we leave food out for the little girls 24 hours a day, we have to hide it under the kitchen table to keep Carter from eating it.

A funny quark to Sheba…she gathers as many pieces of food into that tiny little mouth of hers, and runs into the living room where she dumps it all out and eats it piece by piece. No joke, I have counted anywhere from 9-11 pieces before! It’s a game we play, counting her food hauls.

Fun Facts:

-Sheba is the leader of the house and bosses everyone else around. She will attack Carter (our 80lb. doberman mix) if he dares to bother her (which he does all the time).
-Sheba never bothers Lyla (our sweet pitbull mutt) because Lyla never bothers her. They sometimes attempt to play together, which is hilarious. Lyla is extremely gentle with her.

One of my favorite photos of Sheba and me:

2 comments on “Blog Day 10: Meet Sheba!

  1. Thank you, Lindy! That really means a lot to me. My favorites so far have been the dog posts too because it’s forced me to actually take pictures of them. I’m kind of bummed that I haven’t taken the time to do this sooner, but happy to finally have some photos of the pups! I love keeping up with your photos by the way, great stuff!

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