Blog Day 11: Headed West

Tomorrow, Chad and I will embark on a not so fun, all-day travel day. The destination, however, will be wonderful. For those of you who don’t know, most of Chad’s family lives on the coast of Oregon. It is like the Outer Banks in some ways…my experience of Florence is that it is a small, quaint fishing village just like the Outer Banks. The difference? The weather! It’s a lot rainier and colder. Not my cup of tea. But we don’t go for the weather. We go to see his momma, step-dad, and grandparents. My in-laws? In-laws sounds so…bad? I don’t know. We’re all family, how about that!

Chad HATES flying, and points out every possible scary thing from the time we get inside the airport until we land. I used to almost enjoy flying until I had to fly with him. Now, I just hope he takes some Dramamine or has a couple airplane margaritas so that I can sleep! Don’t worry, I still love you 🙂

Our first stop will not be Portland this time (where we usually fly into and then drive to Florence). We were planning on doing the normal Portland route when, just for fun, we checked the price of flying into Seattle. A little back-story here…Chad moved to Seattle about 5 years ago and lived there about a year. He absolutely loves Seattle. Seattle holds a sentimental place in my heart too because it is where we reunited? I guess you could say. After a while of dating without a lot of commitment, a failed long distance relationship, and dating other people, I took a BIG leap of faith (and a long plane ride) to visit him in Seattle. The rest, is history.

Back to present day. We looked up the flights and found out that it was much cheaper! We looked at each other, smiled, and said let’s call your mom and see if she wants to meet us there. She said yes and that was that.

So, we’ll be in Seattle for 2 full days and then drive to Florence to stay for about a week. I hope to have plenty of photo updates to post during our visit. Goodbye Outer Banks, hello west coast!

Below is a photo I took on that first visit to Seattle. It is at a place called Gas Works. Chad took me here because it is where the paintball scene in 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed. I absolutely love that movie.

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