Blog Day 18: Meet Lyla!

This post is getting me a little sappy because it’s been almost a week since I’ve seen my children, I mean dogs. Lyla is our 3 1/2 year old pit bull/mutt that we rescued from a shelter outside of Wilmington.

*Note: Yes, Sheba and Gabby are pure bred Chihuahuas, but no, I did not buy them. They were both given to my brother and me by my aunt as gifts.

I cannot say enough about my feelings on rescuing animals from shelters as opposed to buying them from pet shops, breeders, etc. There are just too many animals who need homes to be intentionally creating more animals, just for profit. Chad and I have both vowed to never buy a dog.

Back to Lyla. Chad and I were living in Wilmington, with Sheba and Gabby, loving life. Then Chad got the itch to “just go look at the shelter.” This quickly turned into him enlisting the “but I’ve never had a puppy of my own” line to con me into saying yes. I held strong for about an hour. Chad picked Lyla out of a litter of maybe 5 or 6. She was the runt, this tiny little brindle ball with a black snout. Here she is at maybe 4 months (they said she was around 3 months old when we got her):

Since day 1, she has been the sweetest dog ever. However, for the first year or so, she was very to herself and not very affectionate. She was not one to just come up and lay next to you, but rather preferred to be by herself. I always wonder what kind of lives dogs have before being adopted and can’t help but think that this plays a major role in their demeanor. Even though she was only 3 months old, you never know where she’s been or what she has had to endure. We didn’t push the issue, and slowly but surely, she has done a complete 180. Now, she loves to come sit next to me on the couch while I eat. We often find her on the end of the bed in the morning. She gives the best kisses! I could go on and on about this sweet girl.

A couple little quarks about Lyla:

1-She is prematurely graying. I attribute this to being wise beyond her years.
2-If you haven’t noticed already, her ears are lopsided! I think it’s incredibly adorable. One is always getting flipped inside out.

Her serious face, attentively listening for a “you wanna go for a waaaalk?” Lyla is a big water dog and loves to chase her ball or a stick in the sound or the ocean.

She still enjoys her alone time.

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