Blog Day 21: Outer Banks Wedding – Stevi’s Bridal

I’ve literally known Stevi since we were in diapers. My mom owned Ferris Wheel Day Care, and a handful of us babies grew up together over the entire course of our childhood. I have endless memories of growing up and was honored to capture Stevi’s wedding (more about their wedding to come). We shot her bridal portraits way back in June. The dog you see in the bottom shots is Dice, who has since passed on. Stevi especially wanted to make sure to get some photos with him in case he didn’t make it to the wedding. Dice, who was present at the wedding, was a sweetheart. It warms my heart to know that we were able to capture the photos that we did.

The location you might ask? Believe it or not, this is Stevi’s parents house and property. Stevi’s mom, April, has created an absolutely beautiful garden and yard. It was wonderful to take pictures there. A special thanks to the Vaughns for all their hospitality. I attribute my inspiration to the wine, cheese, and apples! The amazing sky that day might have also helped. I cannot wait to post their wedding photos and video. For now, enjoy!

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