Blog Day 29: Outer Banks Wedding – Stevi + Martin

So this was our perfect, “10.10.10” wedding. Stevi and Martin’s wedding was perfect, but not because everything went according to plan or because only the finest elements were enlisted. No, this wedding was perfect because it involved Stevi and Martin getting married. You have to hear their story to appreciate the perfectness.

(Forgive me Stevi if I don’t get all the details right!) Stevi has had a love for the Spanish language since high school and has always excelled in learning and speaking it. She doubled majored in Spanish and some sort of International Studies (help me out!) in college, which coincidentally (or not) led her to meet the man who is now her husband. Stevi went to Argentina as a part of a study abroad program in 2006. She was assigned a host family who welcomed her with opens arms: Marcela, the mom, and Belen, her daughter. Shortly after being in Argentina, Marcela insisted that Stevi meet her son. Stevi politely agreed, but didn’t put much value in this arrangement. Martin came over for dinner one night, and to make a long story short, the rest is history….sort of.

Stevi returned home after her short stint in Buenos Aires, but didn’t stay long. It was no time before she packed up and MOVED to Argentina! Stevi and Martin soon began dating and eventually moved in together. I can remember her telling me that “he was the one” over lunch one day during one of her visits home. So it was no surprise to find out that they were engaged last summer (2009). THE BIG questions were a) where would they get married, and b) where would they live. Only Stevi and Martin can explain all that went into those decisions, but I can tell you that is obvious that these two have worked hard to be together. Martin had to undergo an extremely long and intensive process just to be allowed to come to the states, and he is not sure when he can begin working or return to Argentina to see his family. This is why I say this wedding was perfect because they got married! I thought Chad and me surpassing the west coast/east coast hurdle was impressive, but this just blows us out of the water.

I blogged Stevi’s bridal portraits earlier in the month, which we took on her parent’s property in Kitty Hawk. Well, I already thought their house and yard were beautiful, but take a look at this masterpiece:

All of the floral design and decor was done by the extremely talented Dorothy from the Flower Fields/Bells & Whistles. I can’t say enough about Dorothy’s work on this wedding (and countless others that we’ve have the pleasure of photographing). Check her out HERE!

Argyle’s Restaurant did the fabulous cupcakes!

Stevi’s mom, “Miss April,” as I’ve called her since I was old enough to speak, was the mastermind behind the entire day. She did so with grace and made it all look effortless. I love the moment a mother and daughter experience just before the ceremony.

Martin’s family and friends, along with Stevi’s brother Max, got ready at a house across the street…

The ceremony was in their back yard, completely focused around family and friends.

I love this shot Chad snagged.

This October day was perfect, and I loved the quilts on the ground!

Martin, do you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into?


These guys know how to have a good time!

LOVE this one.

We only had a few minutes with the newly married couple alone, but they were all smiles.

Kelly’s handled the catering, and check out that dance floor over the pool!

The reception had such a homey feel. You could tell that nothing made Stevi and Martin happier than to just be surrounded by all of the people they love.

If the daylight decor wasn’t enough, Dorothy turned the “secret garden” feel into “a midsummer night’s dream” after dark. Beautiful!

After the formalities were done, it was all about breaking it down!

Congrats and enjoy!

One comment on “Blog Day 29: Outer Banks Wedding – Stevi + Martin

  1. Just saw Stevie’s wedding pics, and I had to let you know how fantastic they are and what really great work you 3 are doing! I couldn’t be more proud and happy to call tou my family. Hope to see you soon… Love you all, Dad

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