Blog Day 4: Meet Gabby!

If you know Chad and I well, then you know we absolutely love dogs. If you know us even better, then you know that we are crazy enough to have 4 of them! For those of you who don’t know us, it’s time to change that! I’ve been meaning to take some new photos of all our pups for quite some time, and with this blog, I have found the motivation!

I’m going to introduce each of our pups over the course of the next couple weeks. I decided to go from oldest to youngest to show respect to Grandma Gabby 🙂

So…meet Gabby!

Gabby is 8 1/2 years old, going on 100. I say that for a couple reasons. First, her personality has changed as she has aged. She used to be much more active when she was young, but now loves to lounge around and sleep. If you asked Gabby, she would tell you that there is nothing better in life than curling up in her bed in front of the mini heater we have set up for her and snoring the day away. Literally. She would also tell you that the second greatest thing in life is Goldfish snacks.

Secondly, Gabby went through a very rough time a little less than a year ago. We found a pretty good sized lump on her back left foot that turned out to be cancer. After one surgery to test the sample, our vet immediately wanted to start her on chemotherapy. Surgery was supposedly not a good option because it was in a tricky spot–her tiny little foot. Obviously we were horrified, and I was extremely opposed to this because I felt like it could be too much for Gabby to have to go through. Note, I am not a vet nor pretend to be one, but I HIGHLY recommend researching situations like this and even getting a second opinion. After doing just that, I went back in to the vet with Gabby, and asked why couldn’t we attempt to remove the tumor and the toe and hope that it had enough of a border to be cancer-free. Suddenly, this was an option. (Like I said, inform yourself. Don’t just say ok to whatever a doctor tells you.) Long story short, we sent Gabby in for that surgery and hoped for the best. She was very brave and handled the pain well. A few days later, we found out that she was cancer free! Her healing process was long and tedious, with Chad and I taking her in every 3 days for a bandage change. She ended up losing the next toe over as well. Gabby is left with a bit of a peg-leg, but she is a trooper. She now also has a knee problem that I directly relate to her 2 month long bandage fun, not being able to put full pressure on her hurt foot.

Besides long walks on the beach…wait, who are we kidding? Gabby LOVES to lounge in sun, eyes shut until she starts panting.

One of our other dogs, Lyla, checks on her from time to time…

Girls and their sun-bathing…

A preview of our next pup in line…Gabby’s sister and absolute best friend, Sheba.

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