Huuuurricane & Beyond

Yes, we had a hurricane. This fall has felt like one big whirlwind, and I just woke up in November! I can’t believe I am in jeans and a sweater right now instead of a bathing suit. Warm weather, please stay a little longer.

Our hurricane experience was mostly uneventful…until the end. We live very close to the sound, on a road in Nags Head that is notorious for sound flooding. We really thought we were in the clear, but we were so wrong. My mom and brother came over for dinner the evening of the hurricane, and they couldn’t have been here for more than 45 minutes before my brother looked out our door window. He quickly announced “Uh, guys, there’s a lot of water in the yard.” We almost thought he was joking until we took a look for ourselves. It looked like a river rushing into our yard, and by that time it was close to three feet deep. My mom and brother quickly waded home to be with their dogs, while my heart immediately sank at a) the realization that our Bronco was a goner, and b) the ridiculous amount of cleanup that would soon be staring us in the face. I grew up in this house, so I’ve seen this kind of flooding before. We had prepped and secured everything the day before, and I wasn’t too concerned with suffering any major structural damage. I’ve told Chad stories about it, but this was his first time seeing it in person, in full effect. Because we’re at the end of a dirt road furthest away from the sound, we are the catch-all spot for yard debris, tires, furniture, mailboxes, you name it. Not fun!

All in all, we were fine, and consider ourselves lucky to not have the type of damage and devastation that so many of our fellow Outer Bankers had to endure. Obviously, we had to pick up our cameras as we watched the river flow on in…

Jennette’s Pier, the day before Hurricane Irene…

The water, almost at its peak but still rushing in…

This is the next morning, maybe a foot of water left & a lot of junk.

The next morning, entrance to our driveway.

We had two houses actually on the sound on our road. The first is still there, barely hanging on. The second is not.

RIP Stinson’s Ranch.

Here it lies, maybe a hundred yards from its pilings.

Like I mentioned before, our Bronco was flooded and not worth fixing. This left us with just the Prius that we love, but we need another vehicle. We played around with the idea of getting a pickup to haul furniture (have I mentioned that I love antique furniture?), then we moved on to a Jeep (have I mentioned how I grew up with almost only Jeeps and LOVE them?). Finally, we stumbled upon a station wagon Saab, and I said NO WAY! I had a Saab before the Prius and absolutely loved that car to death. The key word is to DEATH. The first few years were wonderful. The last couple were ridiculously painful. When things go wrong in a Saab, they go very wrong, very expensive, and very difficult to find someone to make the repairs. As you can see from the iphone photo below, I fell in love, again, and threw caution to the wind. Chad was on board the entire ride home.

We just recently went down to Hilton Head, SC and Savannah, GA for an engagement session. We spent the morning of our session out on my older brother’s boat searching for the big one. We caught nothing, but it was a beautiful day and I loved every minute of it. We had a great time hanging with my brother, his wife, and our nephew Fischer before heading down to Savannah to shoot Beth & Tim. We had a great time with them and can’t wait for their wedding on Amelia Island in May!

Doesn’t Chad look kinda cute in his fisherman outfit?! I could get used to this…

Nothing makes a blog post better than a cute picture of our girls…

One comment on “Huuuurricane & Beyond

  1. Wow, I didn’t know Chad could fish!! I like your new “family wagon”, and the fish-eye view of the after flood mess in the front yard. Love ya, Dad

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