It’s a …

I grew up with two brothers. I was a tom-boy forever. I played sports my whole life. I’ve always had more guy friends than girl friends. Any “future baby” names I came up with were always for boys. Yet somehow, for some reason, from the moment I found out I was pregnant, I wished for a girl. I’m really not sure why, but I try to reason that I wanted to move outside my comfort zone and experience something completely new…as if becoming a parent isn’t new enough.

Waiting for the twenty week mark was excruciating. My mind raced (as I think all pregnant women experience) as I envisioned what it would be like to have either gender, and I couldn’t wait to begin DECORATING! (I mean bonding) But really, decorating. And buying clothes. When we switched doctors and she moved the due date back 9 days, I knew this meant a longer wait.

Somehow, the day came. I was a nervous wreck just hoping that everything looked good on the ultrasound health-wise, that they would be able to determine the sex, and finally, that the secret would be kept until reveal time!

How wonderful is it to have an associate wedding photographer who doubles as amazing maternity/baby/family photographer and just an amazing person? It is very wonderful. I found this idea on Pinterest of course and knew Whitney would be able to pull it off. I sent her the picture, and she was immediately in.

After teaching our very helpful ultrasound tech how to text on my iPhone, she gladly texted Whitney the fated gender. From that moment, I was in pure excitement mode. For those of you who wonder if it’s really that important to shoot during that couple hours before sunset, here is your answer. The text was sent to Whitney around 11am, and we didn’t open the trunk until about 6pm! Talk about dedication 🙂

Whitney handled it all. She called the party store and got the balloons. She picked up the trunk from the antique shop. She even called Chad’s step-dad to help surprise Chad’s mom with a cake version of her own reveal. Whitney–THANK YOU!

Chad and I killed some time eating dinner with my mom and brother before heading to Whitney’s house. The rest is a bit of a blur. I first saw a purple balloon, which I think momentarily confused me. Then it hit me. I don’t think I spoke for a solid minute. Then came some tears. There have been a lot of those lately! Chad wanted a boy, but I couldn’t help but see his face light up with the excitement of finally knowing. (Side note: he took the lead the next day picking out dresses during our shopping spree!) I can’t wait to see Chad fall in love with this little girl. I think I am looking forward to this the most.

I knew Whitney would do a great job, but man did she blow me away. I was in tears again the next morning at the sight of her blog post. She captured everything…the anticipation, the shock, the smiles, and the tears. Whitney, thank you for this memory!

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