Life update: On the road again!

May is over! It was chaotic and wonderful all at the same time 🙂 As a wedding photographer, you always know that May will be a whirlwind, but this May was especially unique. Whitney was packed full of weddings, at one point shooting 5 weddings in a matter of 8 days. Chad and I had our usual gaggle of Outer Banks weddings, but just for fun, we decided to book two out of town weddings. The first was in one of our favorites spots ever…Amelia Island, Florida! It was a beautiful wedding on the beach with the reception to follow at the historic Florida House Inn. The very next weekend, we decided to head the opposite direction and went to Pittsburgh, PA to shoot another gorgeous wedding. Think downtown Pittsburgh, the sight of the new Batman movie, an amazing art museum, and just endless beauty. I think that with no credit to us, it was impossible to take a bad photo.

I am now overflowing with photos, and can’t wait to share a ton. Until then, here are just a few sneak peeks! As we all know, we dealt with a lot of unusually threatening weather the last few weeks…The good news about storms? Beautiful skies! Enjoy!

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