Losing Teeth

I guess it was about lunch time when I realized that Sheba hadn’t eaten anything for the day yet. Sheba’s mini meals are extremely obvious because she holds daily contests for herself to see exactly how many pieces of food she can stuff into her mouth and then carry into the living room to eat. I had been upstairs working for a while, so I didn’t think much of not seeing her eat. The girls’ food is always out, so they eat as they please. By nighttime, however, I was getting a little worried because I still had not caught her in action. I wondered if her stomach was upset, and I also decided to check her teeth. Well, that was insightful. I knew her teeth weren’t the greatest, but I guess I had never really looked hard or towards the back. I immediately found a back tooth that looked HORRIBLE and loose…I immediately felt HORRIBLE. I got an appointment at the vet for a couple days later. She ate the next day, so I don’t know if her teeth had anything to do with her not eating, but needless to say, a cleaning was much needed!

Sheba ended up having to have 3 teeth removed: 1 up front, and 2 in the back left side of her mouth (including the one I spotted). This was about 2 weeks ago, and she’s been doing great. The night we brought her home, we bought some wet food for her. She inhaled that, and then later went and ate her dry food! Go figure that our smallest dog not only handled anesthesia the best, but also had the quickest recovery.

Here’s our little girl right when we picked her up. Groggy, but happy to see her momma and poppa!

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