Love letters from our amazing clients <3

Wow, just wow. Waking up to read a review like this makes the countless hours spent preparing for, capturing, and editing our clients’ images so very worth it and personally fulfilling. To all of our clients, your trust in us is amazing and humbling. Your willingness to love each other so freely and without reservation is inspiring and an honor to witness. And thank you to our fellow vendors. Our images would not be possible without your talents and dedication.

“Having Genevieve & Chad shoot our wedding and engagement shoot was like having a couple of old friends snapping shots of us. They put us so at ease the entire time and helped us forget that we were doing a photo shoot. We ran into some weather issues for the day our engagement shoot was scheduled and they worked with us seamlessly to reschedule for the following day which turned out beautiful. They somehow have a way of capturing the exact feeling of every moment and helping the viewer of the photo feel the mood of that moment, which is exactly what my husband and I wanted. We didn’t want a bunch of staged, stiff shots and that’s not at all we got – the photos so far are absolutely amazing and we cannot wait to get all the final shots back! Not a day has passed since the wedding where we haven’t received a compliment on how gorgeous the photos are and how so many of them look like they belong in a magazine. We truly could not have asked for more! And not only are they incredibly talented but so professional. We’ve been to weddings where the photographer seems to take over and get in the way of everything for the perfect shot – somehow Genevieve and Chad somehow seem to fade into the background so you hardly know they’re even there but they never missed any of the amazing moments and shots. We will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives and we couldn’t be more happy or thankful to Genevieve & Chad for capturing such an important day. Each time we look back, it’s like being there in each moment all over again and there’s no price tag you can put on that. Thank you so very much Genevieve & Chad!”

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