New Orleans

In some non-wedding related news, I have some fun pics from a recent vacation. After driving south to Wilmington, NC to shoot Erin & Beau’s wedding, we (Chad and my parents) continued south for what seemed like forever. Finally, we reached our destination: Destin, Florida. I proceeded to endure an aweful kidney stone, landing me in the hospital the VERY FIRST DAY! I eventually felt better and Chad & I headed over to New Orleans for a night. My birthday present trip was wonderful, and here are a few shots to prove it!

Typical city life. We used to see this in NYC a lot.

This man was awesome! While I layed in bed, in pain from the kidney stone & the nauseating meds that came with it, Chad went out to get us some real artwork. He custom painted Chad & I on one board, my aunt, cousin & her daughter on another, and one for my brother as well. Thank you!

I had to steal this shot. There’s just something sad, yet uplifting about it.

Chad & I are not big drinkers, and I wasn’t drinking ANYTHING but water at this point. I know it’s Bourbon St., but man do they try to sell alcohol to go like there’s no tomorrow.

I just LOVE all things old, and N.O. had plenty to go around.

A quick shot of our inn hallway. It looks like an exterior wall that was enclosed.

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