An Ode to my Second Shooter

It’s late, 9:45 (yes, I’m a nerd and go to bed early), and I’m sitting in the living room stalking all of my favorite photography blogs (like usual) while Chad is inventing a beautiful acoustic rendition of Imogen Heap’s “First Train Home.” If you don’t know the song, youtube it NOW. I have to admit that I often get annoyed when Chad pulls out the guitar and announces that it is music time because it is almost ALWAYS at the exact moment that I have turned on one of my must-see TV shows (think Real Housewives of any city ever, Intervention, Property Virgins, House Hunters, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom just for starters).

But tonight, tonight is different. Tonight I am struck by the realization of how much I love this man. I’m sorry to be sappy, but I made a commitment to myself to post more personal thoughts here, so here it is. This career, this job that I do, is all about love. So, here is what I love. I’ve spent a large part of today editing the photos we took while in Florida last week, and it has just now hit me. How did our last minute trip to Florida come about? Simple. I told Chad that this cold weather is making me depressed and that I just NEEEEED to get to warmer weather. We already have a trip to California planned for a March wedding, but did this matter? I told him I wanted to drive to Florida.

Within minutes, he disappeared into his “internet research” and was scheming our Florida road trip. About 5 days later, we drove to Florida. Luckily, we have my mom and brother to watch our dogs at the drop of a hat (we do the same for them), so that is never an issue. Maybe this seems silly, but I feel so lucky to have a best friend who will do anything to make me happy. (On a side note, he is a professional “Priceliner” as I am calling it, and can consistently get us 4 star hotels for under $100.)

We went for a bike ride today. My tires were almost completely flat, so my ride to the gas station across the street was MISERABLE. I think I was pedaling at a negative speed. What did Chad do? He rode beside me and gave me a push, I don’t know, about every 5 seconds. The whole way.

I’ve been listening to a few podcasts of Jasmine Star and feel so inspired to be inspired by life. I’ve had a million crazy ideas in the span of my relationship with Chad, and I think that he has gone along with 99% of them. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything he has completely shut down (of course after a 15 minute presentation of how great it would be).

That’s it. As I have now noticed one of our pups, Lyla, licking the coffee table almost uncontrollably with a nibble here and there, I just realize how much I love our little slice of life.

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