Outer Banks Engagement: Ashley + Stephen

I’ve been sitting here trying to decide how to start this one for a while now, and I still don’t know where to begin. I don’t remember exactly when or how my friendship with Ashley began (sometime during our freshman year of high school), but I know that no matter how far we drift apart or how long between visits, it is one that always picks right back up where it left off. Ashley and I were friends before there was a Genevieve & Chad, during the Genevieve & maybe Chad?, and the Ashley, I’m going to marry Chad. Ashley and I were friends before there was an Ashley & Stephen. I remember the day she told me that she kinda liked this boy. I asked who, and she shyly stated, “Stephen Outten.” This was many many years ago. Isn’t it funny how the person you end up marrying might be right there all along and you never even notice? Stephen went to high school with us, but he and Ashley didn’t start dating until well into college. Now they have a family complete with two spunky pups and each other. Soon, they will officially be Mr. and Mrs. Outten…or is it Mr. and Mrs. McClelland? Have you decided?

For their wedding, I won’t be wearing black and I won’t have anything in my hands, except maybe some flowers…and I’m excited about it! Lauren Cowart will be capturing their day amazingly I’m sure, and I’m looking forward to celebrating Ashley & Stephen. I could, however, shoot their engagement portraits and am excited to share my favorites! We opted for some non-beach spots and had fun just hanging out. Stephen, A+ on the blue steel modeling, but even more importantly…thank you for making Ashley smile the way she does when she’s with you. Ashley, you’re beautiful and I can’t wait to see you on your wedding day. It won’t be long now. Here’s to March!

One comment on “Outer Banks Engagement: Ashley + Stephen

  1. Gosh Gen, you did it again with the sunset ending. It never even gets trite, I just wonder how you’re able to capture so many of them. You must have a Karmik Connection. So glad to see Steven and Ashley so happy together. Best of life to you two.

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