Blog Day 3: Outer Banks Engagement – Keara + Matt

Keara contacted us in early summer asking if we could do an “engagement session” in September for her and Matt while they were vacationing at the Outer Banks. At the time, Keara and Matt were not engaged, but had done some photos a while back while vacationing in Hawaii and enjoyed it. I personally think this is great. How romantic is it to have some professional photos of you as a couple? You know, ones that aren’t taken with one of you holding out the camera in front of you, hoping both of your heads make it into the frame.

We were also excited when they wanted to go to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse because we don’t make it down there very often. It was a refreshing change of pace for us, and we had a great time venturing from the top of the lighthouse to the bottom, to the keeper’s quarters, the beach next to it, and finally to the pier just up the road. Matt also let us in on the fact that he had just proposed the day before our session. How cool! These two were obviously in love and having a great time. This makes our job easy. Enjoy!

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