Outer Banks Engagement: Leigh + Jerry

Leigh & Jerry are getting married in September at the Hilton Pier House, so we opted for a non-beach location for their engagement shoot. Leigh came up with the idea to go to Cotton Gin and vineyards over the bridge in Currituck. Chad and I were excited to try out a new location and headed over the bridge on a beautiful October afternoon. We ended up not being able to shoot near the vineyards because they had just been sprayed?, but we found some neat spots and used some of our vintage furniture to complement this awesome couple.

Leigh brought the gorgeous sunflowers, old school sodas, and picnic…all great ideas! They will be having the sodas at their wedding as well. We also ventured over to an old gas station just a few miles south. This again was Leigh’s idea (and why I love these guys). I have been dying to take pictures there and almost did for the engagement session Chad and I did for ourselves a year ago. Needless to say, they didn’t have to ask me twice! Thanks guys, and we can’t wait till September!

PS. If you’re ever in the Duck area, check out The Wave Pizza!

This was Leigh’s grandmother’s ring. LOVE IT!

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