Outer Banks Engagement: Lindsay + Jason

Lindsay & Jason met in a bar. Yes, a bar. But things didn’t go down the way you might think. Lindsay was out for friend’s bachelorette celebration and little did she know, that night would be the beginning of the end of her singleness as well. Jason recounted to us the story of how he came to Lindsay’s rescue that night when he saw some guys giving Lindsay and her friends a hard time. I could see the pride in his eyes that he had not only done his chivalrous duty as a man, but that he had found the girl he wanted to spend his life with that night. Although their connection was brief and distance was between them, Jason found a way to be near Lindsay and she fell for him.

We are beyond ecstatic to be shooting Lindsay & Jason’s wedding this coming spring in Pittsburgh, PA at the Carnegie Music Hall. We can’t wait to watch them seal the deal, and we are looking forward to capturing their wedding in an absolutely beautiful setting.

Chad and I met up with Lindsay & Jason in Kitty Hawk the day before the Outer Banks Marathon for their engagement session. We had a great time walking the beach and the pier with you both, and we know you rocked out that marathon! Lindsay, you’re beautiful, and Jason, keep on taking care of your pretty lady. We’ll see you guys in May!

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  1. […] There is so much to say about this couple and this wedding that I don’t even know where to begin. The wedding was beautiful and wonderful and amazing, but it was topped by how amazing it was getting know Lindsay and Jason and witnessing their love for each other. We first met these two when they came to the Outer Banks to run the marathon back in November. Understanding the amount of dedication that it takes to train for and run a marathon, I have to say that I think these two have even more dedication to each other. You can see their engagement photos and read about how they met HERE. […]

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