Outer Banks Engagement: Renata + Brent

I’m no weather woman, but I swear this summer has brought more thunderstorms, Nor’easters, and pouring rain (which of course means more mosquitoes) than I can remember in long long time. We’ve shot weddings in the rain, nearly escaping downpours on a regular basis, and moved countless portrait sessions. Renata & Brent’s engagement session was no different. We moved it once and ended up having to brave 20+ mile/hr winds. These two didn’t bat an eye when we headed out to the dunes of Coquina and were almost blown away. Well, they may have blinked a few times, but that was only because their eyes were being sand blasted 🙂

Thank you guys for being such troopers, and we can’t wait till your wedding next June! Enjoy!

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