Outer Banks Family Beach Portraits

Summer is here, and Chad is in full swing capturing family portraits for some amazing families. With two  girls under 3 and a full time business to run, I must admit, I have been feeling the stress of trying to balancing life…or failing to do so. Sometimes I wish I could find the pause button and push it long enough to catch my breath, but as my 2 year old says, “smile with teeth, Mommy.” She is so right. I never want my life running me, but rather I want to be the driver of as much time as I am given. I want to appreciate the beauty that is around me and be thankful for it. I want to live passionately and with my whole heart.

What does this have to do with family portraits? EVERYTHING. Why do you book a family portrait if not to enjoy and bask in the beauty that is your life and your love? I see it time and time again as I go through and edit all of these family pictures…LOVE. I see real, raw, so good you can’t stand it love. It’s what we fight for. It’s what we work so hard for and plan that vacation for. It’s what we live for.

We are honored to capture this real love for you, and we’ll keep doing it as long as you ask. <3

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