Blog Day 9: Outer Banks Wedding – Adrienne & Logan

Adrienne and Logan opted for a “Day Before” session, a name I’ve intellectually come up with just now 🙂 They wanted some extra shots of just the two of them and chose the Whalehead Club as their setting. I actually love the way the gloomy afternoon contrasts with their bright and sunny wedding day.

Adrienne and Logan were a dream to work with–totally open to any of our ideas, and I think they might secretly be models. Adrienne carried herself with such beauty, and they both seemed to remember what it is all about–LOVE. Love for each other, love for their family and friends, and just love for life.

When it came time to get down on the dance floor, these two showed up in full effect. Chad and I MAY have been yanked onto the floor where we MAY have awkwardly danced for a split second. Maybe that happened, maybe it didn’t 🙂

Thanks for making this wedding a blast for us, and we wish you both all the best! Enjoy!

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