Outer Banks Wedding: Ally + Steven

If I could create in my head a couple who would be best suited to handle a rainy wedding day, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Ally & Steven. We’ve been dealing with tons of rain here on the Outer Banks the past month or so and it was only a matter of time before we had to deal with the dreaded rained-out beach wedding. Mix in winds of 20-30pmh, and you have Ally & Steven’s wedding day to remember!

Ally & Steven met their first semester of vet school and have never looked back. Whether it was moving to St. Kitts or clinical rotations in Oklahoma, they’ve stayed by each other’s side. Now, they are husband & wife, Dr. & Dr.

Their decor was absolutely to die for, all done themselves. They collected antique vases, jars, and other accessories to create a beautiful setting. If Chad and I had had a larger wedding here in the states, it would have been just like what they created. Homemade signs and apple pie just topped it all off!

Ally & Steven, thank you for being so laid back and wonderful, and for braving the weather with us! Chad also went back out with these two the next day for some none windy/rainy wedding photos, and I love how they turned out. Congrats & enjoy!

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