Outer Banks Wedding: Andrea + Mike

I’m very excited to post this next wedding because of the story behind it and how it truly embodies the spirit of the Outer Banks, for better AND for worse. First of all, to Andrea & Mike, we are so happy that we were able to make it to your wedding. We’re even happier for YOU that it ended like it did.

Andrea & Mike were just one of the many couples who chose to get married this fall on the Outer Banks. They booked a house in Avon and planned their dream wedding. Like so many others, they did not invite nor expect Irene to show up. Well, she did. Everyone knows that hurricanes are possible here, but you really can’t live your life in fear of them. As a born and raised OBXer, I’ve seen my share of hurricanes, tropical storms, and Nor’easters. Hurricane Irene will definitely go down in my memory bank as one of the worst we’ve experienced.

By now, I’m sure everyone knows that the Outer Banks experienced some severe flooding as well as a few breaches on Hatteras Island. Emergency ferries were set-up for only essential personnel. With no way to get to Avon, Chad and I began to get nervous about Andrea’s wedding. There were talks about others being allowed on ferries for work circumstances, etc. but no one seemed to give us the same answer or even close to a definitive one. We kept in contact with Andrea’s officiant, Rev. Tanya Young, her violinist, Leslie Erickson of Club Violin, and The Embellishers to hopefully join forces and make this wedding happen. By this time, the temporary bridge was being constructed but was not scheduled to be completed before the wedding. Out of desperation, I called our friend Kate Pullen from Daniel Pullen Photography because they live on Hatteras Island. I was hoping to find a way on the island or at least some advice from someone who has directly been dealing with the ferries. A huge thank you goes out to Kate because she could not have been more helpful and sincere! She tried her best to find us a way, but it just seemed like there wasn’t much to be done. Chad and I finally came up with the idea of having Daniel shoot Andrea’s wedding for us as a worst case scenario. Another big thanks to Kate and Daniel for being so willing to help us out. A few days before the wedding, mentions of the bridge finishing ahead of schedule began to rumble, and eventually this became a reality. TWO DAYS before Andrea’s wedding, the bridge was open and there were no restrictions!

Chad and I were in shock and very delighted! Driving over that bridge was surreal after all of the hurdles we had unsuccessfully attempted to cross. We showed up at Andrea’s door, and I just couldn’t help giving her a big hug in celebration that it had all worked out.

Everyone at her wedding was just full of joy and true appreciation because it came so close to not happening. There was nothing to sweat because nothing could compare to what everyone had already endured. It was a beautiful day, despite a threat of rain. I assured Andrea that we did not go through all of this to let a little rain keep her from getting married on the beach. It did sprinkle, but not for long. What happened next was just unreal. Call it God, good karma, a miracle…call it whatever you wish, but the most beautiful rainbow appeared just moments before Andrea walked over the dunes to marry Mike. And as they say, the rest is history.

Andrea & Mike-congratulations from the bottom of our hearts and we are thrilled to have been a part of it. What a wedding day story to tell!

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