Outer Banks Wedding: Kate + Rob

Kate & Rob
Outer Banks Wedding
Corolla, North Carolina

“They were meant for each other.” Kate & Rob met in elementary school, lived next door to each other, and have never left each other’s side. Even when Rob’s family moved to the other side of Massachusetts, they made it work. If there are any two people who are meant for each other, it is Kate & Rob. Everyone close to them knows it, and we couldn’t help but know it even from the short time with spent with them. From our first meeting with them to their wedding day, their warm personalities shown only to be trumped by the force they create when they are together. Kate & Rob, you guys are awesome. You stole my heart the moment you told me there would be Key Lime Bliss cake and cannolis. Congrats! You now have the fairytale ending. BEGINNING!

This wedding was created with a dream team. A big thanks to:

-Nannette & Kerri from The Proper Setting
Red Sky Cafe for the yummy eats
Great Cakes!
Bells & Whistles/The Flower Fields
Bombshell’s Studio

2 comments on “Outer Banks Wedding: Kate + Rob

  1. So proud to have had the opportunity to get to know Kate and Rob and to help them bring their vision to life! Great vendors and a beautiful weather day for them in Corolla North Carolina.

  2. I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to get know each and everyone but especially Nannette, Geneveive and Chad. The whole day was a fairytale and I couldn’t have asked for more. THANK YOU!!!

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