Outer Banks Wedding: Leigh + Jerry

We met Leigh & Jerry a year ago for their engagement shoot (you can see that HERE) and instantly clicked. A love for dry humor, dogs, and all things vintage? Yes please! We couldn’t wait for their vintage, movie theater inspired wedding. We knew Leigh would be in good hands with Dorothy from Bells & Whistles, and she did not disappoint!

Leigh & Jerry were dealt the rain card from morning ’till night, something I was really bummed about once again. Everything was moved inside the Pier House, a first for us. It turned out to be beautiful, and I was thrilled when Chad grabbed me after the ceremony to say that it was barely raining and they wanted to go out to the beach. We made a run for it and got some really cool, moody shots.

Leigh & Jerry–you’re kinda gangsta, and everyone knows it. Thanks for being awesomely you & congrats!

4 comments on “Outer Banks Wedding: Leigh + Jerry

  1. Chad and Gen,
    I just wanted you to know how absolutely wonderful it was to watch you take pictures of Jerry and Leigh’s wedding. I was so nervous about the weather…rain, rain, and more rain. Once I got inside, I NEVER once thought about the weather. Just to watch my son and his bride one their wedding day, was one of the happiest days of my life. Thank you so much for the greatest pictures I have ever seen in my life!!! Take care, and again thanks for making this glorious occasion so special for them and our families!!! Sincerely, Connie Gibbs, mother of the groom!!!

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