Outer Banks Wedding: Meryl + Keith

Oh Meryl & Keith…where do I even begin? I really can’t even remember how long I’ve known you guys. We’re talking single digit ages here. Meryl is the girl who always has a smile on her face and is always putting smiles on EVERYONE around her. Whether she likes it or not, she is also the girl who looks like Sandra Bullock (sorry-had to throw that one in)! Keith is the guy who is good at everything. Like every board riding sport ever. Whether it was surfing, skimming, skating, or whatever else he could think up, I just always think about how easy he made it look.

Over the years, I’ve occasionally seen these two with other people…BUT, I can say without a single doubt, I’ve never seen either of them happier than they have been with each other. Meryl, you successfully put a smile on Keith’s face from the moment he saw you until the second we left. And Keith, of all the things you do well, I am confident that the thing you do the best is love Meryl. Keep on keeping on, guys. It was an honor to capture your wedding. I had a great time and loved catching up with so many faces that I’ve known for so many years. Congrats!

2 comments on “Outer Banks Wedding: Meryl + Keith

  1. Genevieve, the photos are out of this world! Awesome work! Meryl, you’ve never looked so beautiful! Absolutely stunning!

  2. You are so right Gen, Meryl could be Sandra Bullock’S much younger Sister. Glad to see that new kid Fletcher getting more shots in the mix, keep up the great work kids.

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