Outer Banks Wedding – Morgan and Barbaros – May 2010

Oh Morgan and Barbaros, what can I say about these two? They were one of our first few couples to book a 2010 wedding about a year ago. Both being in the Air Force, they were trying hard to plan ahead in order to make their dream wedding a reality. I think you guys did it!

Besides both of them being gorgeous, they were covered in the biggest smiles all day! This especially went for Barbaros, who just could not keep his eyes off of Morgan. It was obvious to everyone around that not only are these two crazy about each other, but they appreciate each other and the life that they are leading together.

In the short time we were with them, we saw tears and lots of smiles, AND got to capture some of the best water shots of the year! Thank you guys for getting in the ocean a bit and thanks to the pup who so graciously cruised by our session! Congrats!

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