A peak amongst the valleys

As I stood up on the bed of that old red Chevy just seconds before sunset, 7 months pregnant, I looked up and instantly knew that this was going to be one of my favorite images that I have ever captured. And it is.

Chad and I scouted locations around Adaumont Farm the day before and this field was on my shortlist of must have shots, but did I think we’d get this lucky? No way. Saturday began with blue skies and rich white clouds, but quickly made a turn for the worst, raining just before the ceremony was to begin. The difficult decision to move things inside was made, but as always, I held out endless hope and determination to get Emily and Mark outside and around that gorgeous backdrop that they had chosen for their wedding. As the ceremony concluded, only sprinkles remained. We rifled through family portraits as I eyed blue skies and sun peaking through the clouds. It just kept getting better. We moved out into the grass for the wedding party, and my eyes kept getting bigger and bigger. Then this happened.

The clouds remained a deep blue, while the horizon lit up with yellows and oranges as the sun faded. The fog was rolling in but left the golden field, green grass, and red clay as vibrant as ever.

This fall season has been challenging at times. Balancing work and family, and standing on my feet for hours on end is rough on this baby carry mom of soon to be our second sweet girl. Yet, somehow every time I get close to that tap out moment when I’m not sure I can keep going, things like this happen. In life’s constant rotation of cause and effect, we find ourselves with the most amazing clients who are willing to do just about anything we ask. Having that trust is the ultimate motivation and pushes us to fight for moments like these. Emily and Mark, thank you for trusting us. Thank you for being total bad asses. Just thank you!

Life is amazing, and this was a peak amongst all the valleys.

2 comments on “A peak amongst the valleys

  1. Beautiful field picture of Mark & Emily! We love Adaumont Farm too! Please tag us in any pics with the ’54 Chevy truck. . . your shots are amazing!

    Thank you so much!
    Cyndi Soule
    HotRod GetAway, LLC

  2. We are sooo excited to see the rest of our pictures, and are already so happy with the few teasers we have seen so far.

    We are also so very thankful that the weather worked out so that we could get outside and take advantage of the beautiful venue and scenery at Adaumont Farms. We fell in love with Adaumont when we first saw it and immediately booked it. As we had driven around the property, we already were picking out good outside spots where we wanted to get some cool pictures on our wedding day. Knowing how incredibly talented you both are, we knew you would be able to see the venue we had chosen with an artistic eye. The rain ended up not putting a damper on our day at all, and in fact made the photographs even better than I could have imagined.

    Having you both there made it so easy for us just to pose and smile, knowing that it would all turn out great : ) It was so wonderful to have you and Chad there throughout the day and night to capture the great shots, and people who made our day so special.

    It was so great to see you both and we wish you the best with your new addition to the family coming soon : )

    Thanks again for everything!
    ~Emily and Mark

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