Sometimes you just gotta take it easy…

We’re nearing the end of our wedding season. Specifically, our last wedding is in two days. I am happy and sad, ready and not, overwhelmed with work and overwhelmed with the idea of no more work. I have been reading a magazine from Jasmine Star, and I am again moved to reclaim my passion for photography. Just when I utter the words “I’m ready for a break,” I always seem to find something to make me start dreaming of new places to take my photography and business. While many new things are on the horizon and I am always anxiously awaiting the next step, I am also reminded to stop and smell the roses, appreciate the small things in life…and pick up your dog because she’s barking at you to do so and insists on cuddling on the couch until bedtime.

One comment on “Sometimes you just gotta take it easy…

  1. Hey Gen, I enjoy seeing something new on your site everytime I check it out. Love this pic of you and your little girl. Mom told me that Chad’s grandmother passed away, let him know I’m sorry for thier family’s loss, I know he loved her alot. Hope everything else is good. Love you always

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