Summertime Motivation

Chad and I have just begun the busiest week of the entire season. We just shot weddings on Saturday and Sunday, have another on Wednesday, followed by another on Friday. Friday night we are leaving straight from the reception to drive half way to Maryland (and the rest in the morning) to shoot yet another wedding on Saturday! Five weddings in eight days. This will complete May and June, marking 16 weddings in two months!

We are extremely grateful to be so busy during a time that many people would love to have work, let alone be overwhelmed by it; however, I have to admit that at times, I find it hard to stay positive during long days in front of the computer that seem to have no end in sight. So what’s the answer?

Our clients! Just when I think that I cannot sit in front of this screen a minute longer, emails and reviews pop up like these below to keep me going. Chad and I are very aware that we hold the responsibility of creating images that you all will keep forever, and to know that you are happy with what you receive means the world to us. So, thank YOU.

~To be an artist is both a blessing and a curse, but we have no option other than to create and then to create again.~

“The pictures turned out better than I could have imagined. There were some photos that we did not even know were being taken. They were the perfect photographers.”
~Sheila & John

“Moving Art Productions has really exceeded my expectations, their artistic talent is amazing! I would highly recommend their services.”
~Stevi & Martin

“Professional, fun, discrete, polite, easy to work with, great artistic eye, affordable, beautiful pictures!”
~Megan & Chris

“Thank you guys so much again for everything – genuine talent!!!! Of all the things I spent money on for this wedding, I definitely feel like this was by far the best decision I made, not just financially but quality-wise as well. In other words, money well spent!!! I will treasure these photos forever.”
~Emily & Greg

“Just wanted to send you both a HUGE THANK YOU for doing such an awesome job on our pictures. All of our families were very impressed with the quality. We’ve enjoyed looking through them & laughing & I know we’ll continue to look back & share our memories for many years to come. Not just any photographer would be willing to take a boat ride with us…Thank you for everything.”
~Randi & Brian

Just another day on the job 🙂

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