Surprise Helicopter Landing @ The Whalehead Club: Sandra + Tim

Technically these two met online, but Sandra & Tim’s relationship has been far from two people isolated and chatting on a computer. These two have traveled the world from New York City to Costa Rica to Afghanistan and beyond, but somehow found their way to each other. As powerful individuals as they are, I can only imagine Sandra & Tim now as a team in life! Tim spent part of his military carer as a helicopter pilot, so what other way to make an entrance into your own wedding than to fly you and your bride via helicopter unbeknownst to all your guests!?!

We first met with Sandra & Tim just days after having our baby, and conveniently enough, they brought Tim’s son Tyler to “babysit” for us while we talked 🙂 We all instantly connected, and Chad & I were beyond excited to have the opportunity to capture such a unique wedding and couple. My first helicopter ride? During a wedding? Yes please!

The day was amazing from start to finish, largely thanks to Kerri and the whole Proper Setting crew. We really can’t thank you ladies enough for always always always making everything run smoothly while at the same time making it seem so effortless. Kerri helped wrangler a wonderful vendor crew to make this a wedding to remember, and they are listed below.

Sandra & Tim–thank you for having us, and we wish you a lifetime of happy adventures!!!

Venue: The Whalehead Club
Coordination: The Proper Setting
Catering: Red Sky Cafe
Florals/Decor: Bells & Whistles
Ceremony Music: Club Violin
DJ: Pro DJs
Hair/Makeup: Hot Heads
Cake: Just Desserts
Rentals: Distinctive Event Rentals

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