They’ll be no safety in numbers…

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time alone in front of a computer editing. I often submerge myself in audio books about life and consciousness or listen to music that moves me (Pink Floyd, Conor Oberst, Daughter, my current favorites). It’s all part of my process that I would like to pretend is pure genius but that I know borders much more closely on insanity. Yet, somehow I love the insanely creative. There’s a Pink Floyd line that almost always brings me to tears every time I hear it:


“To martyr yourself to caution is not going to help at all

They’ll be no safety in numbers when the right one walks out of the door.”


There was a time in my life when I played everything safe, too safe. I was a “smart kid” who should always have straight A’s and I was on my righteous path to become a doctor. While there is nothing wrong with this path, I am thankful every day that I took a turn somewhere because it was not my path. It was an easier path, but it did not fulfill my soul. In this life, there are too many external influences and not enough heart based living and I have spent far too much time with the former. Somewhere along my journey, having children, losing a parent, who knows, I feel that I have shifted to the later and I hope to never return. I always prided myself on thinking. Give me time and I can think through anything. There are times when this is great. In photography, you obviously must use your brain to learn the workings of a camera and gear. The thing is, anyone can learn how to use a camera. There are no secrets, nothing a manual and some effort can’t give you. You can buy the fanciest equipment given enough money. Tell me how to be creative. Explain to me how to live from the heart.

I am so thankful for our clients and fellow vendors who always support our heart based efforts. Below is a fairly simple set of images taken from a kayak just minutes before an evening thunderstorm at one of our favorite venues, The Sanderling Resort. There is nothing fancy about them, there is no horn to toot because I used some crazy technique that no one else can think of. I find inner happiness in them because it represents me living and working from my heart. When there are a million reasons to say no that’s crazy/weird/time consuming, I want to always follow my heart. I’m not going to let “the right one walk out of the door.” I hope this inspires you to do the same because your heart based living, whatever it is, is the most amazing. <3



2016.06.04.020 2016.06.04.021

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