Destination Wedding – Jessica & Aaron

Oh, how I’ve been waiting to blog this wedding! Jessica and Aaron, we loved spending the day with you, your family, and your friends. You made us feel so welcome and so at ease. And oh yeah, you kept us laughing the entire day! Jessica and Aaron’s wedding party has officially gone down in the record books as the best wedding party EVER! Seriously, they were all smiles all day and put up with our crazy ideas as we trucked them around downtown Wilmington in July heat. They posed on command and made it look easy. You guys rocked and we couldn’t have been more stoked with the results. The ceremony and reception took place at the St. Thomas Preservation Hall in downtown Wilmington, a beautiful old church turned into a venue. The history and charm created an instant romantic ambiance. Jessica, you looked absolutely stunning and carried yourself with a grace that I envy. Aaron, you a lucky man! Congratulations to you both, and we look forward to more photos in the future!

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