Blog Day 17: Outer Banks Wedding – Brooke & Chris

Things I loved about Brooke and Chris:

-They chose to do a “first look.” Maybe it’s just my personality that makes this seem so appealing to me. I’m not one who enjoys being in the limelight, so I love the idea of seeing each other with no one else around (except hopefully a non-intrusive photographer), before the crowd, quiet and alone. What could be more romantic?

-Their style. I LOVED the mason jars and all of the personal touches. Chris is very into football and took the time to make some really cool table-pieces. I also loved the frames of their families’ old wedding photos.

-The food. Coastal Provisions rocked it out once again.

-Brooke and Chris! They were amazingly easy to work with from start to finish. I could instantly tell how excited they were just to be married. This translated into a fun-loving, laid back couple who didn’t let anything get in the way of their love. On our end, they were down for anything, and we especially had a blast with their wedding party on the beach.

Congrats guys and enjoy!

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