Family & Maternity: Whitney Norko & Co.

Despite being very behind in my blogging with a bunch more weddings left to post still, I’m feeling the urgency to get this one up for obvious reasons 🙂 If you’ve been following our life on the blog and Facebook, then you’d know by now that Whitney is our official family photographer. From our gender reveal to maternity, and birth to newborn, she’s been there capturing it all for us. We couldn’t be more lucky to have such an awesome photographer AND friend, and I only hope we can repay her with equally as awesome pictures. Beyah, Chad, and I (B lounged in the Moby while I shot) met up with this super good looking family of 4 + 1 on the way for some fun family photos that were long overdue. Whitney and I have both agreed that it has been a great learning experience being in front of the camera and that we need to do it more often. How bad of us photographers to forget how important capturing memories is!

I really love how these turned out because I’d like to think that we managed to capture the spirit of the Norkos. They are full of love for each other. They are full of spunk and energy. They are rough around the edges and soft at the same time. They are one beautiful family about to add one more to the mix!

When we left the fam behind and focused on Whitney, I really felt the pressure! We’re talking about taking pictures of THE MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHER! Lucky for me, she is one hott momma and made my job too easy. Everyone tells you this, but Whit, pregnancy suits you. You are gorgeous! Living this crazy life with two crazy kids suits you. AND, I know for a fact, that living this crazy life with 3 crazy kids is only going to suit you more. It is a pleasure to see and capture you with your kids (and of course Adam too!), and we all can’t wait to meet the newest Norko!

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