Family Portraits are a MUST! <3

With a 2 year old and a 4 year old, three pups, parents/grandparents, etc. we get it…raising a family is hard and expensive. In my mind, there are two big reasons why we might opt not to spend money on documenting our lives but why it is a BIG MISTAKE:

  1. MONEY!

Grocery bills seem more like mortgage payments these days, and we only have two small girls. Add in clothing, toys, doctor visits, school supplies, etc. and things add up quickly. It’s easy to understand how parents decide their phones are good enough. The problem is, they aren’t! We have iPhones and take plenty of Instagram worthy pictures of our kids, but they aren’t printed and hung on our walls to enjoy everyday. Try and blow them up and it things get blurry and faded fast. How many of your pictures never even make it off of your phone?! Secondly, how many of those phone pictures are YOU the parent in??? So your kids have some decent pictures of them as kids, great. Now how amazing would it be to have images documenting the love that you have for them and they for you? That is what matters. Buy less stuff, invest more in memories.


I look horrible. I haven’t lost the baby weight. There is no way my kids will behave. My husband hates his picture taken. It will interfere with bedtime. What will we wear? This is too stressful. Let’s wait until the kids get older. Let’s do it next year…

Trust me, anytime I even think of having family pictures taken, I go through this exact train of thought. every. single. time. Fact, I haven’t lost all the baby weight (neither has Chad). We’re in the midst of the terrible two tantrums with our youngest and s#@t gets real. all.the.time. Our 4 year old is old enough just to flat out say no to pictures. Um, ok? Should I go buy everyone new outfits? How much will that cost? Blah blah blah, the ridiculous excuses can take over in an instant. Fight back! Fight for what matters amidst the chaos of what doesn’t.

Life is not perfect. Your vacation is not perfect. You may not always look or feel perfect. BUT, it’s all worth it. When you get knocked down, go ahead and freak out. Break down. And then, get over it. With patience and a lot of love, you learn these crazy lessons about what is valuable. You aren’t going to remember the bad parts as much as you cherish the good. When it comes to having your pictures taken, you will make funny faces. You might think you look fat in some. You might wish you had worn something else.

YOU HAVE TO LET IT GO. If you think you or your children or anyone will look back on images and think these ridiculous thoughts, you’re crazy. You didn’t hire someone to capture perfect. You hired them to capture LOVE.

This is your life. {let us capture it}





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