Philadelphia Engagement Session: Julie & Jeff

We had an amazing time traveling up to Philadelphia for Julie & Jeff’s engagement session! Philly has a special place in our hearts because it’s where Chad and I got engaged 🙂 We were overwhelmed by the endless beauty that downtown Philly has to offer, and Julie & Jeff were total rock stars in front of our cameras. We can’t wait until 2017 on the Outer Banks!



2016.06.15.001 2016.06.15.002 2016.06.15.003 2016.06.15.004 2016.06.15.005 2016.06.15.006 2016.06.15.007 2016.06.15.008 2016.06.15.009 2016.06.15.010 2016.06.15.011 2016.06.15.012 2016.06.15.013




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